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“At our age, we would like to do things the way we want: ” a qualitative study of adolescent HIV testing services in Kenya

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Wilson, Kate S.; Beima-Sofie, Kristin M.; Moraa, Helen; Wagner, Anjuli D.; Mugo, Cyrus; Mutiti, Peter M.; Wamalwa, Dalton; Bukusi, David; John-Stewart, Grace C.; Slyker, Jennifer A.; Kohler, Pamela K.; O’Malley, Gabrielle

Objectives: Adolescents in Africa have low HIV testing rates. Better understanding of adolescent, provider, and caregiver experiences in high-burden countries such as Kenya could improve adolescent HIV testing programs.

Design: We conducted 16 qualitative interviews with HIV-positive and HIV-negative adolescents (13–18 years) and six focus group discussions with Healthcare workers (HCWs) and caregivers of adolescents in Nairobi, Kenya.

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