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Improving estimates of district HIV prevalence and burden in South Africa using small area estimation techniques

Many countries, including South Africa, have implemented population-based household surveys to estimate HIV prevalence and the burden of HIV infection. Most household HIV surveys are designed to provide reliable estimates down to only the first subnational geopolitical level which, in South Africa, is composed of nine provinces. However HIV prevalence estimates are needed down to at least the second subnational level in order to better target the delivery of HIV care, treatment and prevention services.
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Identifying Risk Factors for Recent HIV Infection in Kenya Using a Recent Infection Testing Algorithm: Results from a Nationally Representative Population-Based Survey

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Andrea A. Kim , Bharat S. Parekh, Mamo Umuro, Tura Galgalo, Rebecca Bunnell, Ernest Makokha, Trudy Dobbs, Patrick Murithi, Nicholas Muraguri, Kevin M. De Cock, Jonathan Mermi

A recent infection testing algorithm (RITA) that can distinguish recent from long-standing HIV infection can be applied to nationally representative population-based surveys to characterize and identify risk factors for recent infection in a country.

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