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Global Fund Results Report 2018

Global Fund
The Global Fund Results Report 2018 demonstrates that 27 million lives have been saved by the Global Fund partnership and includes key annual results achieved in countries where the Global Fund invests, including the 17.5 million people that received antiretroviral therapy for HIV, the 5 million people tested and treated for TB, and the 197 million mosquito nets distributed to prevent malaria.
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Multi-country comparison of delivery strategies for mass campaigns to achieve universal coverage with insecticide-treated nets: what works best?

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Celine Zegers de Beyl, Hannah Koenker, Angela Acosta, Emmanuel Obi Onyefunafoa, Emmanuel Adegbe, Anna McCartney-Melstad, Richmond Ato Selby and Albert Kilian

The use of insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) is widely recognized as one of the main interventions to prevent malaria. High ITN coverage is needed to reduce transmission. Mass distribution campaigns are the fastest way to rapidly scale up ITN coverage. However, the best strategy to distribute ITNs to ensure household coverage targets are met is still under debate. This paper presents results from 14 post-campaign surveys in five African countries to assess whether the campaign strategy used had any effect on distribution outcome.

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Leveraging Markets for Global Health

Innovations are critical to help the international development community achieve goals in the fight against malaria, HIV and other global health challenges.

New products, like a household insecticide that kills malaria-carrying mosquitoes in areas where older sprays no longer work, can protect some 50 million people from malaria over four years.

And lower-dose antiretroviral medications could dramatically lower HIV treatments costs, while shrinking pill size and reducing side effects.

But inventing these new products is not enough.

Wendy Taylor and Amy Lin
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