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An Evaluation to Determine the Strongest CD4 Count Covariates during HIV Disease Progression in Women in South Africa

Past endeavours to deal with the obstacle of expensive Cluster of Difference 4 (CD4(+)) count diagnostics in resource-limited settings have left a long trail of suggested continuous CD4(+) count clinical covariates that turned out to be a potentially important integral part of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) treatment process during disease progression. However, an evaluation to determine the strongest candidates among these CD4(+) count covariates has not been well documented.
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Integrating Mental Health and HIV Services in Zimbabwean Communities: A Nurse and Community-led Approach to Reach the Most Vulnerable

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Malia Duffy, Melissa Sharer, Helen Cornman, Jennifer Pearson, Heather Pitorak, Andrew Fullem

Alcohol use and depression negatively impact adherence, retention in care, and HIV progression, and people living with HIV (PLWH) have disproportionately higher depression rates. In developing countries, more than 76% of people with mental health issues receive no treatment. We hypothesized that stepped-care mental health/HIV integration provided by multiple service professionals in Zimbabwe would be acceptable and feasible.

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