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Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts (PLACE) Tool Kit

The Priorities for Local AIDS Control Efforts (PLACE) method aims to improve our understanding of the drivers of local HIV epidemics, identify gaps in services available to those most likely to acquire and transmit HIV, and provide evidence to support tailored interventions to reduce transmission. Achieving this goal is a challenge because many people don’t know they have the virus, making the local pattern of new infections almost impossible to detect.

Costs of facility-based HIV testing in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe

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Mwenge L, Sande L, Mangenah C, Ahmed N, Kanema S, d'Elbée M, Sibanda E, Kalua T, Ncube G, Johnson CC, Hatzold K, Cowan FM, Corbett EL, Ayles H, Maheswaran H, Terris-Prestholt F.

Providing HIV testing at health facilities remains the most common approach to ensuring access to HIV treatment and prevention services for the millions of undiagnosed HIV-infected individuals in sub-Saharan Africa. We sought to explore the costs of providing these services across three southern African countries with high HIV burden.

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