zeroHIVdiscrimination Tool-Finder

Program on Global Health & Human Rights (GHHR) and UNAIDS

HIV-related stigma and discrimination in health care settings are known to negatively affect the HIV response. Experiences of HIV-related stigma and discrimination have been widely reported in health care settings around the world and have constituted a deterrent to accessing HIV-related and other health services. Stigma and discrimination in health care settings take many forms including: the denial of health care and unjust barriers to service provision; inferior quality of care; a lack of respect; abuse and other forms of mistreatment; violation of physical autonomy; mandatory testing or treatment; and compulsory detention. Health workers living with HIV can also experience stigma and discrimination within their workplace.

The tool-finder is designed to help you find the most appropriate tool for the work you want to do on HIV-related stigma and discrimination in health care settings. 

August 8, 2017
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