WHO global knowledge platform for preventing violence (Violence Info)


The Violence Prevention Information System (Violence Info) is a global knowledge platform for preventing violence which collates published scientific information on the main types of interpersonal violence. This includes information on prevalence, consequences, risk factors, and prevention and response strategies. It also describes what countries report about their actions to address violence. This version contains most of the major features, but remains a work in progress with more studies to be added. User feedback is welcome, including suggestions for features and additional studies, provided they meet the inclusion criteria.

February 5, 2018
Year of publication
Resource types
Briefs, Case studies and success stories, Journal and research articles, Programmatic guidance, Reports and Fact sheets, Systematic reviews, Websites or databases
interpersonal violence, child abuse, sexual violence, intimate partner violence (IPV), gender-based violence (GBV), youth violence, child violence, violence against children

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Publication date: November 2015
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