UNAIDS has just launched a new initiative to highlight the imperative need to treat people with respect and dignity in order to achieve positive social change, including ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.
When there is respect and dignity, people are not judged for who they are, where they are born, who they love or who they choose to be. Respect and dignity ensures that people are individuals. They are not defined by their economic, social or HIV status, their actions or their behaviours. When there is respect and dignity, people can thrive!

Visit respect.unaids.org to read all messages on the message wall, write your own message about respect and dignity and watch the campaign videos and other social media materials.

How to participate

  • Visit the special campaign page at respect.unaids.org.
  • Write what respect and dignity means to you on the message board.
  • Share your message on social media.
  • Watch and share the campaign videos and postcards.

Invite everyone to share their views on why treating people with respect and dignity is important!

July 5, 2018
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