Health Measurement and Accountability Post 2015: Five-Point Call to Action


The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the World Bank Group, the World Health Organization, countries and partners came together in June in in Washington, DC, at the World Bank for a successful high-level summit, Measurement and Accountability for Results in Health (MA4Health Summit). More than 600 participants came to examine and advance a common agenda for health measurement as the global health community moves into the post-2015 sustainable development era. Dozens of global health leaders from governments, multilaterals, academia, research institutions, and civil society endorsed The Roadmap for Health Measurement and Accountability and a 5-Point Call to Action. The Roadmap and 5-Point Call outline a shared strategic approach and priority actions that countries and development partners can use to put effective health monitoring plans in place to strengthen health information systems. 

The 5-Point Call to Action proposes priority actions and specific targets for health measurement and accountability for post-2015 that will enable countries to monitor implementation of The Roadmap. The Call to Action emphasizes the need to:

  1. Increase the level and efficiency of investments by governments and development partners to strengthen the country health information system in line with international standards and commitments;
  2. Strengthen country institutional capacity to collect, compile, share, disaggregate, analyze, disseminate, and use data at all levels of the health system;
  3. Ensure that countries have well-functioning sources for generating population health data, including civil registration and vital statistics systems, censuses, and health surveys tailored to country needs, in line with international standards;
  4. Maximize effective use of the data revolution, based on open standards, to improve health facility and community information systems including disease and risk surveillance and financial and health workforce accounts, empowering decision makers at all levels with real-time access to information;
  5. Promote country and global governance with citizens’ and community’s participation for accountability through monitoring and regular, inclusive transparent reviews of progress and performance at the facility, subnational, national, regional, and global levels, linked to the health-related SDGs.
June 23, 2015
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