Gauteng State of Health Report - December 2020

Ritshidze Project

For World AIDS Day 2020, the Ritshidze project released its first provincial State of Health report and held a public hearing on the state of services in the province. Ritshidze is a community-led monitoring effort in which community members from organizations led by people living with HIV have been visiting clinics, speaking to patients and staff, observing the state of the facility, and turning what is learned into data. And with that data the project can see what’s not working and propose solutions.

Key concerns include a human resources crisis, which is driving long wait times for inadequate care, as well as the need to extend clinic hours, prevent medicine stockouts, and address TB infection control. The full report details more — from issues with filing systems to ensuring multi-month dispensing to ensuring people living with HIV are treated with dignity and respect.

December 7, 2020
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