Do digital innovations for HIV and sexually transmitted infections work? Results from a systematic review (1996-2017).

Daher J, Vijh R, Linthwaite B, Dave S, Kim J, Dheda K, Peter T, Pai NP.

Digital innovations with internet/mobile phones offer a potential cost-saving solution for overburdened health systems with high service delivery costs to improve efficiency of HIV/STI (sexually transmitted infections) control initiatives. However, their overall evidence has not yet been appraised. We evaluated the feasibility and impact of all digital innovations for all HIV/STIs.


November 6, 2017
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Journal and research articles, Systematic reviews
digital health technology, mHealth, mobile devices, internet, mobile phones, health systems, HIV/STI control initiatives, digital innovations, social media, SMS, mobile apps, HIV prevention, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), clinic attendance, adherence, self care, partner notification