Animation Video: Life-long antiretroviral treatment for all women living with HIV (in English and French)


UNICEF has produced a short animated video in English and French on life-long antiretroviral treatment for all pregnant women living with HIV.
The video is available here:
Told through the voices of a range of African characters, this short animated video illustrates the trajectory a woman would ideally follow once she finds out she is pregnant and living with HIV: what options are available to her in order to avoid passing HIV on to her unborn child; what the benefits of lifelong HIV treatment are for herself and her child; what are the implications of lifelong treatment for governments and donors and; what is the role of the woman's family and community in supporting her and making sure that no more children are born with HIV.

We have envisaged the audience of this video to be women living with HIV and their families, as well as health practitioners and community health workers. Ideally, the video should be screened in waiting rooms inside clinics, at support group meetings, at community gatherings or during HIV and ante-natal counselling sessions. In order to do so, your role is fundamental in sharing this video with your professional networks to make sure that it reaches its intended audiences. Ideally you would share it with networks of women living with HIV and ministry of health in your own country.

December 1, 2014
Year of publication
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