Youth Creative Ideas

February 22, 2016


 Youth Creative Ideas was set up in 2nd of February 2003 as a Trust for the Youth in Lobengula suburb of Bulawayo.  As such, it was the first Youth organization that was formed from Lobengula Youth centre and from the network of different youth centres throughout Bulawayo. YCI has been very active in community work and as such has been actively involvement with all the community based programs in Lobengula and around the city of Bulawayo.



 YCI Mission Statement

We seek to engage in civic education partnering with different service providers in different sectors and work with existing national structures of community development.

  YCI Vision

Full participation of young people in development of their communities and nation at large.

 YCI Objectives

  • To create a platform for youth development through open dialogue from grass roots to national level.
  • To promote Youth development and capacity building through participatory programmes which are aimed at improving the quality of life for the youth and the community at large.
  • To raise awareness on Youth development as enshrined in the African Youth Charter thus promoting community development.
  • To raise awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention through Behaviour Change Communication from grass roots to national level.
  • To develop and empower youths in Zimbabwe through the development of and support for specialized and targeted youth development initiatives and programmes.
  • To provide a framework for youth co-operation designed to increase stakeholder consciousness of youth development and interdependence issues.



The activities for YCI :

  • Participate in development of the quality of education in disadvantaged communities in Zimbabwe and ensuring the availing of education opportunities for youth in Zimbabwe through sport.
  • Participate in youth development through open dialogue from grass roots to national level through advocacy and good cooperate governance.
  • Participate in behaviour change communication (BCC) to promote HIV prevention through community based interpersonal communication activities.
  • Participate in Youth Education through sport and theatre in disadvantaged communities of Zimbabwe.
  • Participate in Peer education in different areas of life skills and youth development in an effort to reach out to the disadvantaged youth the community.
  • Participate in demand creation and community mobilization for different products and services through partnering with other organizations.
Physical address
Off Masiye Phambili Dr, New-lobengula
Uzwathi Road, Lobengula Youth Centre
Telephone number
263 717 200 338
Youth Creative Ideas
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