Mobile Health Clinics

March 17, 2017

Mobile Health Clinics (MHC) is a social enterprise (and division of MST group) committed to bringing quality healthcare to remote and/or neglected communities through state-of-the-art customised mobile health and wellness clinics and laboratories.

Using point-of-care diagnostic services, our HIV mobile solutions carry out same-day ARV initiation for patients who are tested positive for HIV. We shorten the average waiting time between diagnosis and treatment from 4-6 weeks to as little as 90 minutes. We deal with all aspects of the solution, from manufacturing to operational to linkage to care for the patients. With one mobile, we have the capacity to see over 300 patients per day. 

Other solutions we have developed include male circumcision mobiles, mammography mobiles, maternal and child health mobiles, and our sister division, Mobile Schools Health, brings children from low-income families preventative healthcare services including primary healthcare, optometry and dental. 

We are operating throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, with our head-office in Cape Town, South Africa.

Physical address
Grosvenor Square, Block D
Park Lane, Century City
Cape Town, ZA
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