HIV Prevention Soccer League

January 16, 2017

The Prevention Soccer League is a social soccer league created by a community-based youth serving organisation, Youth Creative Ideas. The purpose of the league is to promote male involvement in the fight against HIV and create demand for HIV and other health related services.

A soccer league of excellence in promoting HIV prevention and other community development initiatives.

To motivate HIV prevention and other community initiatives through the use of well- organized and entertaining soccer tournaments as a mobilization and communication vehicle.

Soccer tournaments punctuated by a battery of information dissemination, interventions and initiatives that impact in the reduction new HIV infections and the empowerment of communities in addressing identified health and social challenges.

Terms of Reference of the Prevention Soccer League Tournaments

1) Objectives

  • To increase knowledge levels especially among males about HIV and AIDS.
  • To create demand for HIV and AIDS services namely prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV, HIV testing services and voluntary medical male circumcision.

2) Coordination
Male Involvement Soccer tournaments are coordinated by Youth Creative Ideas who recruit soccer clubs for the tournament. The organisation is therefore be responsible for:

  • The general administration of the tournament.
  • The coordination of implementers providing services such as information dissemination sessions for the pre event and event facilitation. Youth creative Ideas therefore sets up committees or delegates individuals to fulfil these tasks.

3) Pre-Tournament Events
a) Information Dissemination Sessions: Pre-tournament sessions are conducted to disseminate information to soccer club members on Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), HIV testing services (HTS), Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC), Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Condom Use Promotion, Antiretroviral Treatment, Cancer Awareness, Sexual Reproductive Heatlh (SRH), Positive Living, Behaviour Change and other HIV related topics. Each club earns points based on the number of people mobilised to receive such information among the players and members of the community.
b) Referrals: Clubs refer people for HIV related services namely PMTCT, HTS, VMMC. Points are earned according to the number of clients referred successfully for such services.

4) Participation
4.1 Participation is open to social soccer clubs based in Bulawayo. Soccer clubs and players in division 2 and above are not allowed to participate.
5.2 Participation at the tournament is through registration with Youth Creative Ideas. Any conditions of registration are agreed upon between the soccer clubs and Youth Creative Ideas.
5.2 The tournament finals are played by teams that have earned the highest marks in the pre-tournament activities. Clubs that are unable to play in the tournament in the first instance can save their marks and continue to accumulate them for the next tournament.

5) Role of National AIDS Council
The following is the role of National AIDS Council:
a) Supervise the conduction of pre event and event sessions and ensure compliance to the set terms of reference.
b) Provide logistical and other support to the implementer (YCI) in the pre event and event chores. Teams are not provided transport by National AIDS Council.
c) Providing the following:
Prizes for winning teams, most often in the form of sporting equipment.

  • Meals for lunch for the teams and officials at trournaments
  • Suitable public address system.

d) Supervising HIV and AIDS implementing organisations that participate in information dissemination and other service provision before and during soccer games.

The Official Launch of the Prevention Soccer League

The launch was done as a pre-World AIDS Day event and comprised games played among 16 soccer clubs already registered with the league. The finals were played at Iminyela on 08/12/16 in time for the presentation of prizes at a ceremony in cooperated in the programme of the Provincial World AIDS Day Commemoration held at the Large City Hall on 09/12/16.

The following teams came tops and received prizes at the launch.

Position Name of Soccer Club Location
1 Mayellow F. C. Iminyela
2 Makopo F. C Makhandeni
3 F.C Chalsea Lobengula West
4 Lobengula Youth Centre F.C New Lobengula

Successes of the Initiative so far:
a) Increased male involvement in activities aimed at combating HIV. This has been seen e.g. in the increased number of males testing for HIV. The World AIDS Day Commemoration this year was marked by an increased proportion of males many of which were mobilised by the teams.
b) Boosted the combination approach to the fight against HIV since implementers offering different services converge at the games to provide such services.
c) Creation of an enabling environment for the discussion of HIV issues in the community and hopefully at family level as well.
a) Support by National AIDS Council was barely enough and is not guaranteed for that matter.
b) The league and its activities require high level organisation in terms of funds and manpower which Youth Creative Ideas is struggling to provide.
Way Forward
a) Suggestions for future programming include the involvement of more partners specialising in various areas an issue that would increase the resource base for the programmes.
b) Formalising the operation of the prevention soccer league such the games and the initiatives that follow them become more available in the community.

For more information contact: Mthokozisi Ndlovu on 0774377968.

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