Greater Rape Intervention Project (GRIP)

March 7, 2013

GRIP provides confidential, sensitive and comprehensive trauma counselling along with practical assistance and support to help rape, sexual assault and domestic violence survivors successfully obtain necessary health services, prosecute offenders and recover physically, emotionally and mentally with immediate, on-location services in police stations and hospitals, and via extensive in-home post-assault services.

The normal process of navigating the post-assault legal and medical systems can be impossibly overwhelming, difficult, and even hostile to the survivor. Survivors end up unwilling to pursue legal recourse which allows their perpetrator to escape consequence and are thus free to re-offend. Survivors end up leaving the medical system before completing treatment which leaves them vulnerable for post-assault infection and disease.

GRIP’s internationally recognized, proven model is affordable, easily transportable, and is provided on a continuous, 24 hour / 365 day basis in several locations in South Africa using trained volunteer “defusers.” GRIP also operates a 24-bed shelter for women and children in Nelspruit.

GRIP is community-based, non-profit organization that has served over 30,000 survivors, who range in age from 4 years to over 80 years old, since 2000.

GRIP operates in 26 Care Rooms which are situated in 13 Police Stations, 8 Hospitals and 5 Courts. What contributes to the uniqueness of our programme is that we operate within Gvt depts. and have constant contact with survivors through home visits and individual one-on-one counselling.

GRIP’s geographical reach stretches from Bushbuckridge and Acornhoek to the North, Piet Retief to the South, the Mozambican and Swazi border to the East and Schoemanskloof, Ngodwana to the West.

Physical address
17 Ehmke Street,
PO Box 26122,
South Africa,
Telephone number
+27 013 752 4404
Email address
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