Botho Botjha Training Centre

August 17, 2016

Botho Botjha Training Centre acknowledges the historical contribution of our country and hereby proposes a framework which will be instrumental in contributing to the positive development of people living with disability regardless of colour, race, gender and religion in the country in view of the legacy of apartheid. People living with disabilities in our region face enormous challenges as they are featured as both perpetrators and victims of violence and misconduct. People living with intellectual disabilities are without proper and adequate education and training, and consequently there is a high rate of unemployment among PWDs. People living with disabilities are left vulnerable as most disability centres are used as adult day care centre instead of training, identifying and developing their God given talents, and because of discrimination many PWDs do not have access to essential services no matter their age.

Goals and visions

Our goals and visions for people living with disability of our region is to:

  • Engage PWDs in the restoration of the social fabric by encouraging them to respect life and human dignity;
  • Promote the spirit of reconciliation and unity amongst all PWDs in the region;
  • Seek implementing comprehensive strategies to help PWDs to cope with the negative effects of discrimination and empathy;
  • Promote a positive sense of self-worth and confidence;
  • Encourage businesses, government, and other stakeholders to contribute to the development of PWDs (job-matching and referral to employment opportunities).


  • Stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Promote and implement programs for learning conflict resolution and management skills;
  • Create opportunities that will engage self-motivation and self-reliance;
  • Work with government in making training facilities and opportunities available to wider range of PWDs (canvassing of opportunities);
  • Develop a system to address the material and emotional needs of PWDs;
  • Involve PWDs in all processes aimed at improving their lives;
  • Develop with the full participation of women comprehensive strategies that will ensure their empowerment and development;
  • Promote and defend the rights of people living with disabilities to attain their full potential, gaining access to all resources;
  • Initiate programs that promotes and safeguard the mental well-being of both PWDs and people living with and around them (educational workshops).


  • PWDs value life and so must be given due respect to humanity and to the environment
  • PWDs desire to promote tolerance and non-violence, especially with regards to gender and racial equality
  • PWDs should commit their lives to the pursuit of excellence and to maintain a strong work ethic
  • Promote creativity and critical thinking harmony 

Obligations and responsibilities 

All young people living with disabilities are to be loved and be given directions to: 

  • Instil the spirit of learning
  • Promote morale of Ubuntu and Vukuzenzele campaigns
  • Implement to be the future leaders
  • Reinforce safer sex and abstinence

 Priorities areas/targets: 

All people are flowers regardless of their differences and behaviour. 

  • Sedibeng and neighbouring regions
  • All PWDs regardless of colour, race, gender and religion
  • All PWDs from the age of 17 years up the strength and willingness of PWDs 


Ensure all PWDs have: 

  • Fair education, training and job opportunities
  • Participation in social, sports and recreation
  • A positive image and exchange ideas/programs
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