The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health: a call for papers for a new journal

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“A worldwide public-health disaster” was how The Lancet described the 10 million forgotten children who were dying each year in 2003. That devastating number of global deaths in children under 5 years was highlighted by The Lancet's first child survival Series, when the journal affirmed its long-term commitment to improving child health. Much progress has since been made, yet UNICEF's State of the World's Children 2016 report estimates that by 2030, 69 million children will still not reach the milestone of their fifth birthday. Many of these early deaths are caused by prematurity, infection, or malnutrition, and most occur in low-income settings. Yet millions of children and adolescents of all ages and in all geographies face the burden of ill health, with the most common causes of life-years lost to disability in children being iron deficiency anaemia, skin diseases, and depressive disorders.

In a bid to reduce this disease burden in children and adolescents, The Lancet has published many seminal paediatric papers on subjects as diverse as mechanisms of childhood atopy,risk of malignancy after childhood CT radiation exposure, and guidelines for healthy physical activity levels in childhood. Last year, The Lancet published a Commission on adolescent health and wellbeing7that directed attention to, and sets out action for, the 1·8 billion adolescents worldwide who face heightened risks of, for example, self-harm and death and injury from road traffic crashes.

The needs of infants, children, and adolescents are broad, and frequently unmet. Research in the field is fraught with practical and ethical challenges, but the health gains to be made are unparalleled in their importance. Building on the foundations of The Lancet's sustained commitment to publishing the best in clinical paediatric research and global child health, we now announce the launch of a new journal—The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health.

The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health will publish research Articles, Comments, Correspondence, Clinical Pictures, Editorials, Reviews, and Viewpoints. We invite submissions that impact clinical practice or public health across the life course from the fetal period through to the transition to adulthood at age 24 years. We welcome papers from the disciplines of general paediatrics and all its subspecialties, and from child development and adolescent medicine. The journal offers a fast-track publication process by which original research can be published online within 4–8 weeks from submission. Randomised trials that strengthen the evidence base for disease treatment will be given priority, but we also welcome any studies that have the potential to change or challenge clinical or public health practices. Please submit your paper through our online submission system. We look forward to reading your research, and to collaborating, using the best science and our collective voices to improve young lives.

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