Global Survey of Over 2,000 Users Reveals High Satisfaction with e-TB Manager

An 18-point anonymous, global satisfaction survey of over 2,000 users of e-TB Manager from 9 countries yielded a 76% response rate. A web-based tool for managing all the information needed by national tuberculosis (TB) control programs, e-TB Managerintegrates data across all aspects of TB control.

The user satisfaction survey was the first of its kind organized in collaboration with national TB programs and specific implementing partners in 9 of the 10 countries using e-TB Manager. The response rate of 76% significantly exceeds the typical response rate ranging from 20% to 50%. “This indicates the very high engagement of e-TB Manager users from national decision-making level to health-facility level, and suggests the validity of our results and their generalizability to all users of the system,” says Niranjan Konduri , SIAPS Principal Technical Advisor who led the global survey.

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The survey indicated that 77% of users agree that they can find the information needed for patient management and 80% of users find e-TB Manager reliable. “If you can find patient information faster compared to paper-based systems, it helps you to improve patient management. One can easily make decisions and compute frequency of suspected adverse drug reactions in e-TB Manager and promptly take action,” says Dr. Luis Gustavo do Valle Bastos, Global Technical Lead for e-TB manager and member of the WHO’s Task Force on Digital Health for END-TB Strategy.

The survey findings support the US Government’s Global TB Strategy 2015-2019 as it relates to patient-based electronic recording and reporting systems as well as global surveys to inform programs and policies.

The health information priority objective in USAID’s 2015-2019 Vision for Health Systems Strengthening aims to create a culture of evidence-based decision making. The survey findings, which line up with that objective, show that e-TB Manager’s contributions to improvements in patient management and expansion of health information systems are “vital for achievement of USAID and partner countries’ shared goals.”

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