Patients on ARVs forced to make do with only seven days’ supply as clinics face shortages

#MedicineStockout: Patients fear defaulting on ARV treatment, as some clinics in Ekurhuleni experience shortages. Currently, patients can only access seven days’ supply.


What we should have learnt from the Aids pandemic of the 1980s

The similarities between Aids and Covid-19 can be overdone. The two viruses are transmitted differently, and symptoms for the coronavirus materialise far faster than that of Aids.

Top 5 stories on COVID-19 and HIV from AIDS 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about the way we live our lives. Researchers all over the world have been trying to find reliable information about this new virus.

Government strategy shows billions needed to avert healthcare worker crisis

South Africa’s much-anticipated 2030 Human Resources for Health Strategy raises the possibility of severe public sector healthcare worker shortages by 2025.

Peer-based clubs may offer valuable PrEP initiation support to adolescent girls and young women

In-depth interviews with young South African women, published as part of the EMPOWER trial, have highlighted the value of peer support for increasing adherence to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and reducing HIV vulnerabilities.

1.3m switched to new ARV, but weight gain is a concern

Two years after it was announced that the antiretroviral medicine dolutegravir would become part of standard first line HIV treatment in South Africa, it is finally reaching significant numbers of people.

Trial Design in Focus

AVAC, since its inception, has pushed the need for people most impacted by HIV to be involved in the design and implementation of clinical trials.

After a ground breaking study on contraceptives and HIV, what have we learned?

A year after the Evidence for Contraceptive Options and HIV Outcomes study, researchers say policymakers must renew their focus.

The preventable trauma of COVID childbirth

A new global investigation has documented, in at least 45 countries, “shocking” and “unnecessary” breaches of laws and World Health Organisation guidelines intended to protect women and babies during the pandemic.

Do it yourself! Why “self-care” is required in the global response to HIV now and after COVID-19

The global response to HIV is now threatened on many fronts: insufficient funding, myriad challenges posed by COVID-19, and slow adoption of new HIV service technologies and delivery methods.