Why Men’s Values Matter in Mozambique

Sofia Bandomia and her team in Portuguese-speaking Mozambique had long found it challenging to enroll men living with HIV in care and treatment. What she found 5,000 miles, 11 countries and a language away in Cote d’Ivoire changed that.

WHO unveils plan to tackle rising HIV drug resistance in Africa

Growing resistance to HIV drugs in Africa is threatening the significant progress made in the global fight against the virus.

What do potential HIV self-testers think about the new technology in Africa?

Evidence review reveals what HIV self-testers, potential testers, policy-makers and healthcare providers in Eastern and Southern Africa think of the new testing technology.

Half of people with HIV can start treatment on same day

Half of those attending HIV clinics in South Africa and Kenya were eligible to start HIV treatment after simple checks that could be performed by any healthcare worker, and same-day treatment initiation modestly improved the uptake of antiretroviral therapy (ART), results of a randomised trial pu

‘Test and treat’ programmes are failing to reach people at highest risk of HIV transmission

Programmes to scale-up HIV testing and treatment in countries in sub-Saharan Africa may have had less impact on new HIV infections than hoped, partly because they haven’t paid enough attention to groups that contribute disproportionately to HIV acquisition and transmission, experts say.

New subtype of HIV found, but don't panic

Scientists who announced the discovery of a new subtype of HIV earlier this month are telling people not to worry: The discovery, they say, is a good thing and shows that the technology used to make it will improve surveillance of the (admittedly, mutating) virus, but it doesn't mean that HIV wil

Second case of unintended HIV transmission during HIV cure study prompts questions about PrEP provision

A second case of HIV transmission from someone interrupting their HIV therapy as part of a cure study has been published.

Women in Mozambique are encouraging their male partners to get circumcised

For years, João Fernando has been educating and counseling men and their partners on the health benefits of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) in preventing HIV.

‘Critically low’ awareness of HIV status among gay men in Africa

Men who have sex with men in Africa are more likely to test for HIV than other African men, but are significantly less likely to be on treatment or virally suppressed.

ADVANCE study shows high frequency of major weight gain in women receiving dolutegravir with TAF

Metabolic syndrome – including obesity – developed significantly more frequently in people who received dolutegravir, tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) and emtricitabine compared to other regimens in the South African ADVANCE study, Dr Michelle Moorhouse reported on Thursday at the