Webinar: Leveraging differentiated ART delivery models for TB preventive therapy

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You are invited to an upcoming webinar "Leveraging differentiated ART delivery models for TB preventive therapy," on Tuesday, 24 March, 15:00 CETHosted by the Differentiated Service Delivery (DSD) initiative of the International AIDS Society (IAS) the webinar will explore how an integrated DSD approach can support the scale up of and access to tuberculosis preventive therapy (TPT) for people living with HIV.

This webinar intends to provide guidance on how TPT may be integrated into differentiated ART delivery models for clinically stable clients and showcase promising case studies from Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa. In addition, participants will receive a summary on key takeaways from the forthcoming WHO TB guidelines. The target audience for this webinar are national and district ART programme managers, implementing partners, community partners and donors.

TB prevention and care, differentiated service delivery, service delivery models