Webinar: Introducing a new toolkit for integrating gender in the monitoring and evaluation of health programs

Join MEASURE Evaluation on December 12 at 10:00am EST for a webinar introducing a new toolkit for integrating gender in the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of health programs. The webinar will be led by MEASURE Evaluation’s Brittany Iskarpatyoti, Bridgit Adamou, and Jessica Fehringer.

Gender refers to a culturally defined set of economic, social, and political roles, responsibilities, rights, entitlements, obligations, and power relations associated with being female and male, and the relationships between and among women and men. The integration of gender in the M&E activities of health programs is important for the collection of the required information; understanding the effectiveness of gender-integrated programming in changing gender norms; reducing gender inequalities; and improving service delivery, access to services, and health outcomes.

This webinar will introduce a new toolkit that aims to help international health programs integrate a gender perspective in their M&E activities, measures, and reporting. It is designed for use by health program staff (such as project directors, gender focal persons, program officers, and M&E officers) working in various health sectors and for various health agencies and initiatives. Although the focus is on United States government-funded programs, the main concepts and information in this toolkit are relevant to any health program supported by any donor. The toolkit will support health program staff to integrate gender in their programs, projects, and M&E activities.

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The Toolkit for Integrating Gender in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programs was developed by Jessica Fehringer, Brittany Iskarpatyoti, and Bridgit Adamou. Jessica Fehringer is the Gender Portfolio Manager for MEASURE Evaluation; Brittany Iskarpatyoti is a Gender Research Associate with MEASURE Evaluation; and Bridgit Adamou is a Research Associate with the project’s family planning portfolio. 

monitoring and evaluation (M&E), gender integration, health programs, gender equality, gender norms, gender inequalities, service delivery, access to services