HIV R4P satellite session, “Love, Power and PrEP”


Monday, October 22

12-3pm (GMT +2)

Bristol Room

To successfully empower women and girls to protect themselves against HIV, researchers, policy makers, funders, advocates and programmers need a nuanced understanding of how relationship dynamics affect HIV prevention and interventions that jointly address these issues. This satellite session will summarize the state of the evidence on the effect of gender inequality on the HIV risk of women and girls and their use of HIV prevention methods, including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). New evidence will be presented from adolescent girls, young women, key populations and male partners in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania on their HIV prevention needs and preferences, including their views on PrEP and how intimate partner violence (IPV) could affect PrEP access and use. A panel of experts will present new evidence from clinic- and community-based interventions (CHARISMA, EMPOWER and Project SOAR) implemented in South Africa and Tanzania, jointly addressing relationship dynamics, IPV, HIV prevention and PrEP.

HIV R4P Conference, Madrid, Spain. Bristol Room
HIVR4P 2018