6th South African TB Conference - Free of TB through Innovation

TB conference image

The 6th South African TB Conference is a platform that will facilitate and galvanize efforts by government, the private sector, academia, NGOs, and advocacy groups, fostering opportunities to share experiences and plan strategic initiatives. The last five years has been a particularly exciting time for TB, as there have been an unprecedented number of new drugs and diagnostics that have been introduced into clinical practice. The conference will feature international faculty and globally recognized local participants who will cover key cross-cutting themes (drug-sensitive TB, drug-resistant TB, pediatric TB, HIV/TB co-infection, EPTB, and prevention, diagnosis and treatment) across four thematic tracks (Clinical Science, Basic Science, Public Health [including health systems and surveillance], and Human Rights/Stigma/Advocacy).

Durban ICC, South Africa
tuberculosis, TB, drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), TB-HIV co-infection