The Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Regional Exchange portal (SHARE) is a unique regional hub, connecting people to resources, peers, organizations, and free online learning and collaboration tools designed to equip them to share experiences and knowledge to better respond to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

SHARE addresses the need for health information and knowledge management related to HIV and AIDS in the region of the world with the highest HIV prevalence rate.

SHARE is a contractor-operated website funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under the USAID/South Africa Technical Support Services (TSS) Activity contract. 

SHARE offers quick and easy access to:

  • A continuously updated resource library with nearly 3,000 items - fully searchable by topic, country, and date
  • A bi-monthly research digest compiling the latest evidence and best practices from southern Africa
  • News, tools, online resources, and learning opportunities - updated daily 
  • and more…

Contact us:

Questions? Feedback? Please contact us at [email protected].