Champions for an HIV-Free Generation music video: “Let’s circumcise”

19 November 2012 by SHARE Administrator
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Champions for an HIV-Free Generation (Champions) collaborated with Oliver Mtukudzi, Vee and Winky D to create a song which sends a clear message on the benefits of male medical circumcision. The song had a successful launch at the International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA, 2011). The song will continue promoting safe male circumcision. It features a medley of reggae dance hall, afro jazz, and some kwaito kwasa coupled with an interactive music video, it is sure to be a hit on the African continent.

Champions are highly visible and influential figures from the African continent who use their political and star power for positive change. Champions are outspoken advocates for those affected and infected by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Together they represent a moral authority to guide and support regional leaders in the response to HIV and AIDS. They transcend political partnerships to speak freely and independently about the issues that need to be discussed, both publicly and confidentially.  Champions, with their collective experience and stature, are well placed to influence high-level government, civil society and religious leaders in the region and to advocate for increased evidence-based HIV and AIDS initiatives.