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28 August 2017

SA HIV Clinicians Society Updates Guidelines for Adult Antiretroviral Therapy

Since the release of the previous guidelines published in the Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine in 2014 and a subsequent update in 2015 explaining when to initiate antiretroviral therapy (ART), the scale-up of ART in southern Africa has continued. New antiretroviral drugs have become available with improved efficacy, safety, and more robustness. These guidelines are intended for countries in the southern Africa region, which vary between lower and middle income. 

 Tools: HIV Infographics Available from AVERT


HIV infographics make HIV and AIDS concepts easy to understand among broad audiences with different levels of knowledge about the epidemic. maintains a searchable information and media hub where you can find learning tools that can be downloaded and printed. 

 New Modules Available for WHO's Implementation Tool for PrEP 


WHO developed a series of modules to support the implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among a range of populations in different settings. One of the 11 total modules offers an overview of relevant information for clinicians, including physicians, nurses and clinical officers, who are providing PrEP in clinical settings. Another module provides up-to-date information on PrEP that should be considered in community-led activities that aim to increase knowledge about PrEP and generate demand and access.

 Differentiated Care Making a Difference for PLHIV

Differentiated care is a client-focused approach to HIV intervention that simplifies and adapts HIV services across the cascade to reflect the preferences and expectations of various groups of people living with HIV while reducing unnecessary burdens on the health system. The approach allows health systems to reallocate resources to those most in need. 

This short IAS Youth Voices video explains how differentiated care can help young people living with HIV.

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