Despite numerous risk factors for HIV, a high proportion of Malawian adolescent girls and young women don't see themselves at risk

24 January 2018

Many adolescent girls and young women with multiple risk factors for infection with HIV do not consider themselves to be at high risk for acquiring the infection or worry about HIV, according to research conducted in Malawi an

Shining a light on trans women’s needs in sub-Sarahan Africa

19 January 2018

New research marks welcome step to make trans women in sub-Saharan Africa visible in HIV data

Study finds more than half of patients worldwide don’t access HIV treatment until immune systems are severely compromised

1 February 2018

In spite of guidelines and goals, treatment access remains delayed and unequal

Less than half of adolescent girls and young women with HIV have suppressed viral load in eastern and southern Africa

23 January 2018

Less than half of adolescent girls and young women with HIV in some of the countries with the highest burden of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa have a fully suppressed viral load on antiretroviral treatment, well below the average f

First Ladies from Africa draw a six-point agenda to combat HIV/Aids across the continent

29 January 2018

Renewed campaigns to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa were the major highlights when the Organization of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA)  20th Ordinary General Assembly closed in Addis Ababa today.

Malawi: Dedza DHO Promotes Prevention, Treatment and HIV Testing

2 February 2018

Dedza District Health Office (DHO) has urged people in the district to go for HIV testing and treatment and avoid contracting the virus in order to live a health life.

Zimbabwe’s LGBT community: why civil rights and health issues go hand in hand

30 January 2018

Zimbabwe’s recently deposed president Robert Mugabe made no secret of his loathing for gay men and lesbians. He once famously described them as “worse than pigs and dogs”. In 2015, he stood before the UN General Assembly and declared “we [Zimbabweans] are not gays”.

Public speaking competition to tackle HIV on Valentine's Day

1 February 2018

In a bid to turn the tide of the risk of HIV/AIDS-related infections and unwanted teenage pregnancies, learners from various areas in Ekurhuleni on Gauteng's East Rand will be discussing the scourge in the 2018 High School Public Speaking Competition.

African First Ladies launch campaign to end childhood AIDS by 2030

30 January 2018

The Organisation of African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA) and the African Union have on Tuesday launched ‘Free to Shine’, a campaign that aims to help end childhood AIDS in Africa by 2030 and keep mothers healthy. 

NIH study supports use of short-term HIV treatment interruption in clinical trials

11 January 2018

Findings may aid design of trials to assess strategies to control HIV without drugs