HIV prevention for key- and other vulnerable populations

The world has committed to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but, as UNAIDS points out in its 90-90-90: An ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic guidelines, “it will be impossible to end the epidemic without bringing HIV treatment to all who need it.” The “90-90-90” targets are to ensure that by 2020, 90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status, 90% of all people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretroviral therapy (ART), and 90% of all people receiving ART will have viral suppression. Achieving these targets will require effective programs and interventions aimed at reaching high prevalence geographic areas and populations who are most vulnerable and marginalized.

The definition of key populations who are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection varies from country to country, however, most include at least the four key populations identified by PEPFAR:

  • Gay men and other men who have sex with men
  • People who inject drugs
  • Sex workers
  • Transgender people

In southern Africa, populations like young women and girls, pregnant women, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), long-distance truck drivers (LDTD), fishing communities, miners, and refugees and displaced people have increased risk of HIV. For the purpose of this resource collection, these groups will be referred to as other vulnerable populations.

This resource collection is relevant for anyone responsible for the design and implementation of HIV and AIDS programs, including, public health officials, policy-makers, advocates, and civil society. It contains recent research, global guidelines, and other publications focusing on improving the quality and reach of essential health services.


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Title Author Year of publication
Launch of the project Supporting Operation AIDS Research (SOAR) website 2018
A Comparison of Home-Based Versus Outreach Event-Based Community HIV Testing in Ugandan Fisherfolk Communities Laura M. Bogart, Glenn J. Wagner, William Musoke, Rose Naigino, Sebastian Linnemayr, Emily Maistrellis, David J. Klein, Riana B. Jumamil, Barbara Mukasa, Ingrid V. Bassett, Thomas P. Giordano, Rhoda K. Wanyenze 2017
Antiretroviral therapy in pregnant women living with HIV: a clinical practice guideline BMJ 2017
Best practices for adolescent- and youth-friendly HIV service: A compendium of selected projects in PEPFAR-supported countries Gage A, Do M, and Grant D (eds.) 2017
Community intervention improves knowledge of HIV status of adolescents in Zambia: findings from HPTN 071-PopART for youth study Shanaube, Kwame; Schaap, Ab; Chaila, Mwate Joseph; Floyd, Sian; Mackworth-Young, Constance; Hoddinott, Graeme; Hayes, Richard; Fidler, Sarah; Ayles, Helen 2017
Continuous quality improvement intervention for adolescent and young adult HIV testing services in Kenya improves HIV knowledge Wagner, Anjuli D.; Mugo, Cyrus; Bluemer-Miroite, Shay; Mutiti, Peter M.; Wamalwa, Dalton C.; Bukusi, David; Neary, Jillian; Njuguna, Irene N.; O’Malley, Gabrielle; John-Stewart, Grace C.; Slyker, Jennifer A.; Kohler, Pamela K. 2017
Design and implementation of a community health worker HIV treatment and prevention intervention in an HIV hot spot fishing community in Rakai, Uganda Amanda Long, Ismail Mbabali, Heidi E. Hutton, Alvin G. Thomas, Eva Bugos, Jeremiah Mulamba, Kathy Rivet Amico, Fred Nalugoda, Ronald H. Gray, Maria J. Wawer, Gertrude Nakigozi, Larry W. Chang 2017
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Estimating Numbers of Orphans and Vulnerable Children – A Test of Regression Modeling Brodish P, Charyeva Z, Foreit K 2017
Gender-Specific Combination HIV Prevention for Youth in High-Burden Settings: The MP3 Youth Observational Pilot Study Protocol Buttolph J, Inwani I, Agot K, Cleland CM, Cherutich P, Kiarie JN, Osoti A, Celum CL, Baeten JM, Nduati R, Kinuthia J, Hallett TB, Alsallaq R, Kurth AE 2017
Geographical disparities in HIV prevalence and care among men who have sex with men in Malawi: results from a multisite cross-sectional survey Wirtz, Andrea L et al. 2017
Good Practice Guide: Adolescent HIV Programming Alice Armstrong, Kate Iorpenda, Georgina Caswell and Cecilia Kihara 2017
Guidance for improving family planning/HIV integration service delivery for adolescent girls and young women USAID ASSIST Project 2017
Guidelines on best practices for adolescent- and youth-friendly HIV services: An examination of 13 projects in PEPFAR-supported countries Gage A, Do M, and Grant D 2017
Guidelines: Adherence to antiretroviral therapy in adolescents and young adults Southern African HIV Clinicians Society 2017
Health Provider Views on Improving Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Coastal Kenya Micheni Murugi, Kombo Bernadette K., Secor Andrew, Simoni Jane M., Operario Don, van der Elst Elise M., Mugo Peter, Kanungi Jennifer, Sanders Eduard J., and Graham Susan M. 2017
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Improving retention in HIV care among adolescents and adults in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review of the literature Murray KR, Dulli LS, Ridgeway K, Dal Santo L, Darrow de Mora D, Olsen P, Silverstein H, McCarraher DR. 2017
Increasing HIV testing among pregnant women in Nigeria: evaluating the traditional birth attendant and primary health center integration (TAP-In) model Chizoba AF, Pharr JR, Oodo G, Ezeobi E, Ilozumb J, Egharevba J, Ezeanolue EE, Nwandu A 2017
Lessons Learned From Option B+ in the Evolution toward "Test and Start" from Malawi, Cameroon, and the United Republic of Tanzania Kalua, T., Tippett Barr, B.A., van Oosterhout, J.J., et al. 2017
Optimizing linkage to care and initiation and retention on treatment of adolescents with newly diagnosed HIV infection Ruria, Eva Caroline; Masaba, Rose; Kose, Judith; Woelk, Godfrey; Mwangi, Eliud; Matu, Lucy; Ng’eno, Hillary; Bikeri, Beatrice; Rakhmanina, Natella 2017
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Searching for the Second R in Sexual and Reproductive Health and … Rights Luisa Orza, Tyler Crone, Julie Mellin et al. 2017
Sex in the shadow of HIV: A systematic review of prevalence, risk factors, and interventions to reduce sexual risk-taking among HIV-positive adolescents and youth in sub-Saharan Africa Toska, E., Pantelic, M., Meinck, F., et al. 2017
Sexual Behavior among Orphaned Adolescents in Western Kenya: A Comparison of Institutional- and Family-Based Care Settings Embleton, L., Nyandat, J., Ayuku, D., et al. 2017
Sexual learning among East African adolescents in the context of generalized HIV epidemics: A systematic qualitative meta-synthesis Amelia S. Knopf, Kim R. McNealy, Halima Al-Khattab, Lisa Carter-Harris, Ukamaka Marian Oruche, Violet Naanyu, Claire Burke Draucker 2017
Statistical Models for Incorporating Data From Routine HIV Testing of Pregnant Women at Antenatal Clinics into HIV/AIDS Epidemic Estimates Sheng, B., Marsh, K., Slavkovic, A.B., et al. 2017
Supplement: Adolescents, young people, and the 90-90-90 goals: a call to improve HIV testing and linkage to treatment Wong, Vincent J; Murray, Kate R; Phelps, B. Ryan; Vermund, Sten H; McCarraher, Donna R. (eds) 2017
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The Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Very Young Adolescents Aged 10–14 in Developing Countries: What Does the Evidence Show? Vanessa Woog and Anna Kågesten 2017
Trading sex for security: Unemployment and the unequal HIV burden among young women in developing nations Kelly F Austin, Michelle M Choi, Virginia Berndt 2017
Voluntary medical male circumcision among adolescents: a missed opportunity for HIV behavioral interventions Kaufman, Michelle R.; Dam, Kim H.; Van Lith, Lynn M. et al. 2017
What is differentiated care? International AIDS Society 2017
When women lead, change happens UNAIDS 2017
WHO evidence brief: The importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights to prevent HIV in adolescent girls and young women in eastern and southern Africa WHO 2017
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‘I will choose when to test, where I want to test’: investigating young people's preferences for HIV self-testing in Malawi and Zimbabwe Indravudh, Pitchaya P.; Sibanda, Euphemia L.; d’Elbée, Marc; Kumwenda, Moses K.; Ringwald, Beate; Maringwa, Galven; Simwinga, Musonda; Nyirenda, Lot J.; Johnson, Cheryl C.; Hatzold, Karin; Terris-Prestholt, Fern; Taegtmeyer, Miriam 2017
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A Randomized Control Trial of a Conditional Cash Transfer to Reduce HIV Infection in Young Women in South Africa: Study Design and Baseline Results Pettifor, A., MacPhail, C., Selin, A., et al. 2016
A systematic review of interventions to improve prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission service delivery and promote retention Ambia J, Mandala J 2016
A systematic review of interventions to improve prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission service delivery and promote retention. Ambia J, Mandala J 2016
Acceptability of a Community-Based Outreach HIV-Testing Intervention Using Oral Fluid Collection Devices and Web-Based HIV Test Result Collection Among Sub-Saharan African Migrants: A Mixed-Method Study Jasna Loos, Lazare Manirankunda, Tom Platteau, Laura Albers, Katrien Fransen, Tine Vermoesen, Fiona Namanya, Christiana Nöstlinger 2016
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