GBV Gender-based violence (GBV) toolkit

This collection of resources was compiled by the USAID-funded Building Local Capacity for Delivery of HIV Services in Southern Africa Project (BLC), implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH).

It contains reports, toolkits, manuals, and guides on gender-based violence (GBV), providing a knowledge base of good practices for a wide audience, including governmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, scholars, communities, health professionals, social workers, police, teachers, traditional leaders, and all others engaged or interested in the issue of gender-based violence.

The documents include guidelines for raising awareness and preventing GBV, orientation for projects working to end GBV, and procedures for GBV services. They address cross-cutting topics such as HIV and AIDS and LGBTI, demonstrating the complexity and interconnectedness of GBV with other important issues.

Title Author Year of publication
Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Children Resources Strengthening High Impact Interventions for an AIDS-free Generation (AIDSFree) Project 2017
Untreated violence: The need for patient-centred care for survivors of sexual violence in the platinum mining belt, Rustenburg, South Africa Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) 2017
Adolescent Boys and Young Men: Engaging Them as Supporters of Gender Equality and Health and Understanding their Vulnerabilities Jane Kato-Wallace, Gary Barker, Leyla Sharafi, Luis Mora, and Giovanna Lauro 2016
Adolescent Boys and Young Men: Engaging Them as Supporters of Gender Equality and Health and Understanding their Vulnerabilities Promundo 2016
Bewitching sex workers, blaming wives: HIV/AIDS, stigma, and the gender politics of panic in western Kenya Elizabeth J. Pfeiffer & Harrison M. K. Maithya 2016
Diagnosis and Disclosure of HIV Status: Implications for Women's Risk of Physical Partner Violence in the Postpartum Period Maman S, Groves AK, McNaughton Reyes HL, Moodley D. 2016
Greentree II: Violence against Women and Girls, and HIV - Report on a high-level consultation on the evidence and implications Lori Heise and Elizabeth McGrory 2016
Infographic: Addressing Gender-Based Violence USAID 2016
Infographic: Breaking Free From Gender-Based Violence USAID 2016
It’s Time to Listen: Young Women and HIV/AIDS in Zambia CSIS Global Health Policy Center 2016
Lessons from the Gender-Based Violence Initiative USAID 2016
Lessons from the Gender-Based Violence Initiative Strengthening High-Impact Interventions for an AIDS-free Generation (AIDSFree) 2016
Strengthening Community Platforms to Address Gender Norms Strengthening High-Impact Interventions for an AIDS-free Generation (AIDSFree) 2016
Testing a counselling intervention in antenatal care for women experiencing partner violence: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial in Johannesburg, South Africa Pallitto, C., García-Moreno, C., Stöeckl, H., et al. 2016
Training for Data Collectors on PEPFAR Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Essential Survey Indicators: Facilitator’s Guide MEASURE Evaluation 2016
United States Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence Globally (2016 Update) USAID 2016
‘‘Violence. Enough already’’: findings from a global participatory survey among women living with HIV Orza L, Bewley S, Chung C 2016
Challenging Gender-based Violence Worldwide: CARE's Program Evidence CARE 2014
Fact sheet: Gender-based violence in Botswana Management Science for Health (MSH), BLC Project 2014
Digital Storytelling Project: Using Narrative and Participatory Media to Explore the Links Between Gender, Violence, and HIV and AIDS in South Africa Sonke Gender Justice Network 2013
Gender-based violence training manual Restless Development 2013
Voices against violence: A non-formal education programme for children and youth to help stop violence against girls and young women - Handbook for group leaders Hannah Wharf, Charlotte Barran, Claudia Briones, Gill Francis, Urjasi Rudra and Amy Wilson 2013
Toolkit for integrating LGBTI issues into HIV & GBV prevention SAfAIDS 2012
Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Program Guide for Integrating Gender-based Violence Prevention and Response in PEPFAR Programs Alia Khan 2011
Gender-based Violence and HIV AIDSTAR-One 2011
Go Girls! Community-Based Life Skills for Girls: A Training Manual Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Communication Programs 2011
In Her Shoes Toolkit GBV Prevention Network 2011
Program Guide for Integrating GBV Prevention and Response in PEPFAR Programs AIDSTAR-One 2011
Program Guide for Integrating Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response AIDSTAR-One 2011
Sexual Minorities, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS: A Trainer's Guide Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS (BONELA) 2011
Traditional Leaders On The Frontline: Addressing Harmful Cultural Practices to Reduce Gender-based Violence and HIV in southern Africa SAfAIDS 2011
Traditional Leaders Taking the Lead! Booklet for Traditional Leaders Working to Prevent HIV and Gender-Based Violence in their Communities SAfAIDS 2011
Traditional Leadership Championing HIV and Gender-Based Violence Prevention! Referral Tool for Traditional Leaders working to Prevent HIV and Gender-Based Violence in their Communities SAfAIDS 2011
A step-by-step guide to strengthening sexual violence services in public health facilities: Lessons and tools from sexual violence services in Africa Jill Keesbury and Jill Thompson 2010
Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality and Health UNFPA, Promundo and MenEngage 2010
Handbook on effective police responses to violence against women UNODC 2010
HIV & GBV Prevention Package for Community Based Volunteers SAfAIDS 2010
Improving the Health Sector Response to Gender Based Violence: A Resource Manual for Health Care Professionals in Developing Countries Sarah Bott, Alessandra Guedes, María Cecilia Claramunt and Ana Guezmes 2010
Preventing intimate partner and sexual violence against women: taking action and generating evidence World Health Organization and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 2010
Reducing HIV Stigma and Gender-Based Violence: Toolkit for Health Care Providers in India Ross Kidd, Nandini Prasad, Jyothsna, Mirza Tajuddin, Ramesh Ginni and Nata Duvvury 2010
Training curriculum on effective police responses to violence against women Mark LaLonde 2010
Training Professionals in the Primary Prevention of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence: A Planning Guide Deborah Fisher, Karen S. Lang and Jocelyn Wheaton 2010
A Manual for Integrating Gender into Reproductive Health and HIV Programs: From Commitment to Action (2nd Edition) Population Reference Bureau 2009
Development Connections: A Manual for Integrating the Programmes and Services of HIV and Violence Against Women Dinys Luciano Ferdinand 2009
Reference Guides For Health Care Organizations Seeking Accreditation for High-Quality, Gender-Sensitive Reproductive Health Services Patricia Riveros, Erica Palenque, Ricardo Vernon, Ignacio Carreño, and John Bratt 2009
Student Training Manual on School-Related Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response- Doorways I USAID 2009
Doing Gender the “Rights” Way: A Guide to Promoting Gender Equity in Sexual and Reproductive Health Programs Margaret Sanger Center International 2008
Engaging Boys and Men in Gender Transformation: the Group Education Manual ACQUIRE Project/EngenderHealth and Promundo 2008
Sexual and gender based violence in Africa: Key issues for programming Population Council 2008
The SASA! Activist Kit Raising Voices 2008
Twubakane GBV/PMTCT Readiness Assessment Toolkit IntraHealth International 2008
Approaching old problems in new ways: community mobilisation as a primary prevention strategy to combat violence against women Lori Michau 2007
Implementing Stepping Stones: A Practical and Strategic Guide for Implementers, Planners and Policy Makers Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD) 2007
Keep the best, change the rest: Participatory tools for working with communities on gender and sexuality International HIV/AIDS Alliance 2007
Unequal, Unfair, Ineffective and Inefficient Gender Inequity in Health: Why it exists and how we can change it Gita Sen, Piroska Östlin and Asha George 2007
Strengthening Regional Work on Gender-based Violence: Meeting report Monique Widyono, Mary Ellsberg, Lori Michau, Diana Prieto and Michal Avni 2006
Getting It Right! A practical guide to evaluating and improving health services for women victims and survivors of sexual violence International Pregnancy Advisory Services (IPAS) 2006
Go Girls! Toolkit K4Health 2006
Gender-Based Violence Legal Aid: A Participatory Toolkit ARC International 2005
Good practice in designing a community based approach to prevent domestic violence Lori Michau 2005
UNDP Community Capacity Enhancement Strategy Note: The Answer Lies Within Moustapha Gueye, Daouda Diouf, Thebisa Chaava and David Tiomkin 2005
Making rights a reality – Gender awareness workshop Amnesty International 2004
Communication Skills in Working with Survivors of Gender-based Violence Reproductive Health Response in Crises (RHRC) Consortium and Family Health International (FHI) 2003
Guidelines for Medico-legal Care for Victims of Sexual Violence World Health Organization 2003
Mobilizing Communities To Prevent Domestic Violence: A Resource Guide for Organizations in East and Southern Africa Raising Voices 2003
A Practical Approach to Gender-Based Violence: A Programme Guide for Health Care Providers and Managers UNFPA 2001
Involving Men in Sexual and Reproductive Health: An Orientation Guide USAID Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) 2001
Addressing gender and HIV and AIDS AIDSFree