The Challenge of a Changing HIV Epidemic

1 Feb 2018

We have come a long way in our response to the HIV epidemic since its beginning. Many critical steps have been made. In the last seven years, new HIV infection rates have dropped almost 30 percent worldwide.

Why Finding New HIV Targets Takes So Long: Some Basics About Basic Research

18 Jan 2018

Although great strides have been made at combating human immunodeficiency virus, leading to better quality of life and a longer life expectancy for those living with the

New Findings Presented at IAS 2017 Reveal More about the Inter-relationship Between the Microbiome and HIV

27 Dec 2017

Over the past several years, research has uncovered just how important the microbiome is to human health.

Making the case for asking key populations about violence: A success story from South Sudan

20 Dec 2017

Before joining the LINKAGES project, I spent most of my career developing, managing, and evaluating gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response programs for women and girls in emergency, post-conflict, and development settings, as well as in the U.S.

How to effectively and meaningfully engage communities in differentiated service delivery

5 Dec 2017

There is a clear appreciation for the pivotal role that communities have played in the HIV response over the last 32 years, but it’s no surprise that critical gaps remain – particularly with respect to the ways communities are effectively and meaningfully engaged in their care and treatment.

Long-Acting Injectable Antiretrovirals for PrEP: Will the tail wag the drug?

5 Jul 2017

Mark Mascolini is a medical journalist who writes about HIV news, research and global policies for the International AIDS Society and many publications. Emily Bass is the Director of Strategy & Content at AVAC.

Science and socialising: INTEREST 2017

31 May 2017

The INTEREST Workshop, held this year in Lilongwe, Malawi, brought together scientists involved in HIV treatment, pathogenesis, and prevention research in Africa to share pivotal findings, promote collaboration, and transfer experiences across several fi

The political argument for investing in global health

10 Apr 2017

An insular, nativist, authoritarian wave has been on the rise in countries around the world. These movements play on people's fears and insecurities. They create scapegoats, especially vulnerable minorities, and attempt to falsely blame these groups as the cause of people's fears.

Drug-resistant TB: A Growing Global Health Threat

6 Apr 2017

Emerging superbugs that can resist even the most powerful antibiotics and medical treatments present one of the biggest global health threats in history.