MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Durex Collaborate to Achieve HIV-Free Generation

1 May 2013 by Rebecca Shore

Announced this month, the collaboration between the world’s largest youth-focused HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention campaign, MTV Staying Alive Foundation (MTV SAF) and the world’s largest condom brand, Durex. This comes at a pivotal time in HIV prevention; with more funding being allocated towards biomedical interventions, prevention has been pushed to the back burner. However the emphasis on HIV prevention is still an intricate part of moving towards a HIV-free generation. MTV SAF and Durex are giving the power of creating HIV prevention and creative sexual education programs into the hands of those it affects the most; youth.

MTV SAF’s mission is to produce ground-breaking, original content that delivers vital HIV prevention messaging to a young global audience. Along with producing global, free to use and distribute service announcements, videos and documentaries, MTV SAF funds grantees to do HIV prevention work worldwide. These grantees are young people running grassroots prevention programs in their communities, they receive funding, training and mentoring to have a sustainable program to prevent HIV. 

The collaboration between MTV SAF and Durex is a multi-year collaboration that will include Durex supporting existing HIV prevention grantees as well as a new program ‘Revolutionise Sex Education’ to come later this year, which will focus on youth engagement and education through a series of different forms of media; a documentary, public service announcements and many more.

These types of programs focused on HIV prevention, seek to decrease stigma and change norms around talking about sex and safer sex. Interventions like this have proven through time to reduce the incidence of HIV in communities throughout the world. It’s great to see a foundation partnering with a large corporation to see a real change in the world.

For more information on the relationship between MTV SAF and Durex visit the Ignite Change Today website.

To learn more about submitting a proposal for a grant visit the grant criteria page.

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